Visitor Information for IZS 2008

How to Get from the Airport to Your Hotel

The Ben Bus is a shuttle service between the airport and many city hotels including the conference hotel (Hotel Zurichberg) and all hotels on our list.

You can also take a taxi, of course. A cheaper alternative is to take a train from the airport to the main railway station of Zurich ("Hauptbahnhof") and to take a taxi (or a tram) from there.

How to Get to the Conference Hotel from Downtown

Take tram (streetcar) number 5 or 6 towards the zoo. Get off at the final stop ("Zoo", 15 minutes from "Hauptbahnhof"). The conference hotel can now be seen a little higher up at the border of the wood and overlooking Zurich. An easy walk will get you there in less than five minutes.

Tram tickets must be bought before entering the tram. Perhaps the most convenient ticket is a 24-hour pass (valid on all lines).

To See in Zurich

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Restaurants in Zurich deserve a separate page.


A list of ski resorts is available here.

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