Submission of Papers for IZS 2012

Submission of papers for review (by September 25, 2011)

Papers (not exceeding 4 pages) in the form of a PDF file may be submitted by email to Expect a confirmation of our receiving your paper within three workdays.
Decisions on the acceptance of submitted papers will be communicated to the authors by Nov 28, 2011.

Submission of accepted papers (by December 31, 2011)

Please submit the PDF file of the final paper by email to

Paper Format

The final version of accepted papers (A4, double-column format, not exceeding 4 pages) have to be formatted as described in IZS_Template.pdf. Please use the provided LaTeX and Word templates:

The PDF file has to be PDF/A compliant. A common problem is missing fonts. Make sure that all fonts are embedded. (In some cases, printing a PDF to a PostScript file, and then creating a new PDF with Acrobat Distiller, may do the trick.) More information (including suitable Acrobat Distiller Settings) is available here.


The proceedings of this IZS will NOT be on IEEE Explorer. They will, however, be catalogued and put on line by the ETH library. This means that:

  1. The authors will retain copyright of their work.
  2. The papers will be available on-line FREE OF CHARGE until the alps flatten out.
  3. The papers will be in all the major international library catalogues.
  4. The papers will be found by
In case you are planning to file a patent related to your IZS proceedings paper, please note that the proceedings will be handed out starting one day before the conference, i.e., on February 28, 2012.

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